General repairs and gunsmithing:

We perform general repairs and gunsmithing. We have over 60 years of combined firearms experience in the shop and can provide  guidance on repair issues. We know if it can be fixed or is it worth fixing.

  • General Repair, including diagnosing the issue, and provide a possible solution to the issue.
  • Add accessories to your current firearm.
  •  We carry a full range of AR replacement parts and have MagPul accessories
  • Cleaning – from general cleaning to a complete detail strip .

Parkerizing refinishing service

We offer a parkerizing refinishing service.  It your firearm is looking rough we can help with a coat of parkerizing.

  • The Parkerizing technique is a Phosphate etching process that produces a hard Matte or Dull finish that is both very Durable and Anti Reflective and with excellent oil holding properties.
  • The most commonly types used are the original WW2 type, known as Grey Oxide and the latter Black Manganese, still in use by many Military and Civilian Manufacturers in many countries on a wide variety of products.
  • The standard Grey Oxide Parkerizing may range from light grey to a darker grey depending on the type and hardness of the metal it is being applied to, whereas the Black Manganese Parkerizing will usually always be in the Charcoal Black category.
  • Either type of Parkerizing Finishes will offer much more protection from harsh weather than bluing, and is very simple to apply and maintain.
  • Parkerizing is much easier to use than bluing because as it is a Matte Finish the parts or items you want to Parkerize do not have to be polished, they can be acid dipped, sanded, bead blasted or sand blasted. In fact a lot nicks and scratches that would show up on a blued item would not even be seen after Parkerizing.
  • Parkerizing is an immersion process requiring the solution to be heated to approximately 190-210 degrees and the dipping time can range from 5-45 Minutes or so, depending on the hardness of the metal and the desired thickness


We will be happy to handle transfers for you on MD compliant weapons, prices are as follows:

  • Long guns  $35.00
  • AR15 RCVR’s $45.00
  • Hand guns $45.00  (to which may be needed: Fired shell casing $15.00, MD compliant locking device $25.00)
  • Class 3 $65.00